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Dating a depressed women

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The more she lays in bed, the easier it seems to do it forever.

Don’t say “you should go out more” (avoid giving advice!

If she decides to get on medication or she’s already prescribed pills, don’t judge her for it and don’t encourage her to get off of them, either.

If she needs them to function and they’re really working for her, understand and support that.

Understand that she’s going through chemical changes in her brain and to some extent can’t control the way she’s reacting until her brain balances out again.

Decreased libido and mental and physical exhaustion often come with depression.

Depression can be a lifelong illness, and some people need pills their entire lives.

The empathy thing is good Submitted by Pauline Fife on May 26, - 7: This is absolutely necessary and appropriate for a while. Putting the blame on someone who has these disorders will only make things worse. It might be smart to talk to a depression therapist if you are wondering how to support them. Depression is way more complicated than this, but i can agree with what's written about not trying to fix it or treat it, but actually to accept the fact that your partner has it and try to work it out in a different way. In your dating a girl with anxiety and depression it may seem like this is the wakeup call they need, but it's not. Remember that you can’t save anyone but yourself – and she has to want help and get it on her own.Something feels off, and you can’t quite tell what it is.Or it might tell you exactly what you were expecting.Regardless of how you feel about it, squirting is real. Add the pain and difficulties of a mental illness, and those troubles are magnified.