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Essentially, they charge /year to submit your site to a list of search engines and directories.This service is a MASSIVE rip off and entirely worthless to the consultant. gets a kickback from the company that does the directory submissions for them, because there is no benefit to the consultant. Here is all you need to know about search engines and directories: Google Yahoo MSN AOL Hot Bot Lycos DMOZ End of story.I recall having a lengthy, and extremely frustrating, conversation with some gentleman in their office.Yes, it is paraphrased, but it went a little something like this. I have bought a web site site to sell Arbonne product online, but I can’t promote my business online. They claim the products are all natural and most of the people who try them truly love them.

So, I signed up and purchased a “myarbonne” site, which would essentially give me a place for my customers to buy product online.

I think I processed 150 requests and passed those on to my upline to follow up with. He/she (can’t recall, don’t care) informed me that I was in violation of Arbonne’s terms of service, both by having my own web site AND by promoting Arbonne products on my shopping site. After all, others were doing it and my upline assured me it would be fine.

I guess people online just want freebies, because we were unable to make even one sale, let alone sign up a new consultant. I think the price point is just too high for the average person. As it turns out, they no longer allow people to develop their own sites OR promote on any site OTHER than the My site to sell product.

I put several hours into building a nice site and was quite pleased with the product.

Next, I choose to leverage my shopping site, by creating an Arbonne category in which I would display my Arbonne special offers and sales.