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No Republican voted for Obamacare, and no Democrat voted for its repeal.No Democrat voted for the tax bill, and very few voted to approve Trump’s cabinet appointees.Travis is the most liberal county in Texas, so the Republican legislature has drawn the lines in a way that gives it, instead of two Democrats, one Democrat and four Republicans.(Alabama, with roughly the population of Harris County, has seven districts.

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Americans agree that, in a democracy, everyone ought to have an equal vote. I got confirmation of that when I recently put together a thread on Twitter (see below) showing how gerrymandering worked in my own district.Since then, the number of House seats in Texas has grown from thirty-two to thirty-six, but even with all of them up every two years, on only half a dozen occasions has one changed hands. That would divide fairly evenly into the 4.6 million people in Harris County.After the 2010 census, the Texas Legislature, which draws the lines, hewed closely to the De Lay gerrymander. So there should be six districts entirely within Harris County. Instead, the Houston metropolitan area, of which Harris County is a part, is divided into nine districts whose boundaries are, literally, all over the map.This is why gerrymandering has become a major cause of polarization.No representative has to take into account people who disagree with him or her.Until recently, this was true of the 7th congressional district of Texas, where I am running. In 2016, he eked out a relatively narrow win, 56 percent, against a poorly financed, largely unknown opponent.