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Just ten-foot-wide this alley was a useful means of access to Charleston’s waterways.

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The date was also moved out and placed beneath the effigy and included two symbols either side (left: signature mark of the master of the mint, right: mint mark).

Cyprus: The Cypriot design features two Mouflons, a species of wild sheep on Cyprus that represents the island's wildlife.

Six fine lines cut diagonally behind the globe from each side of the coin and have twelve stars at their ends (reflective of the flag of Europe).

To the top left is a large number 5 followed, in smaller text, by the words "Euro Cent".

The coin has been used since 2002 and was not re-designed in 2007 as was the case with the higher value coins.

In 2011 Estonia, in 2014 Latvia and Lithuania in 2015.The coins are composed of copper-covered steel, with a diameter of 21.25 mm, a 1.67 mm thickness and a mass of 3.92 grams.Coincidentally, the dimensions (though not the mass or composition) are nearly identical to those of Canadian and United States 5 cent coins. The coins have been used from 2002, though some are dated 1999 which is the year the euro was created as a currency, but not put into general circulation.The side cannot repeat the denomination of the coin unless the issuing country uses an alphabet other than Latin (currently, Greece and Cyprus are the only such countries, hence Greece engraves "5 ΛΕΠΤΑ" (5 lepta) on its coins).Austria: The Austrian design features an Alpine primrose as a symbol of Austria's part in developing EU environmental policy.The "5 cent euro coin (€0.05)" has a value of one twentieth of a euro and is composed of copper-covered steel.