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Abusing foods is the most common stress to the body.

People consume foods that were never meant to be in our body, they eat foods in amounts that they body can’t manage, and they eat at times they shouldnt be eating.

Foods that have their enzymes in them are known as live foods because they produce and support life.

Healthy food is supposed to spoil after a few weeks, even a month. Its most likely very processed with many chemicals and other drugs to prolong the shelf life of the food while shortening the life of your body.

Keep in mind that cooking destroys all enzymes in foods and a person trying to heal from cancer should consume a 100% raw, live-food diet.

The directors of HHI recommend that all people healing cancer should avoid all sugars, even sugars found in fruits.

Foods that lack enzymes are known as dead foods and support death.

I am a teacher at the worlds foremost health institute that specializes in healing people with cancer: Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) in West Palm Beach, Florida.