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The Church has frequently deplored the rise of divorce and generally sees divorce as a tragic failure.Yet, the Orthodox Church also recognizes that sometimes the spiritual well-being of Christians caught in a broken and essentially nonexistent marriage justifies a divorce, with the right of one or both of the partners to remarry.The petition must include the names and surnames of the husband and wife, the wife's surname prior to marriage, their addresses, the name of the priest who performed the wedding, and the date and place of the wedding.The petitioner must be a member in good standing with the parish through which he or she is petitioning for divorce. Divorce (p.54) The Roman Catholic traditional view, canonical regulations on divorce and remarriage are based on two presuppostions.ISSUES OF DIVORCE IN THE ORTHODOX CHURCH To petition for Ecclesiastical Divorce and attend the Spiritual Court should be considered as an extension of the Sacrament of Holy Confession.The petitioning priest and the members of the Spiritual Court are reminded of the sensitive and confidential nature of this process.

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The form of the service calls upon God to unite the couple through the prayer of the priest or bishop officiating.Only after an ecclesiastical divorce is issued by the presiding bishop can they apply for an ecclesiastical license to remarry.Though the Church would prefer that all Orthodox Christians would marry Orthodox Christians, it does not insist on it in practice.Orthodox Christians of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese who have obtained a civil divorce but not an eccle¬siastical divorce may not participate in any sacra¬ments of the Church or serve on the Parish Council, Diocesan Council or Archdiocesan Council until they have been granted a divorce by the Church. 1) Marriage is a legal contract, and for Christians is legally indissoluble.2) The marriage contract concerns only earthly life and therefore, is legally dissolved by the death of one partner.As any sacrament, marriage pertains to the eternal life in the Kingdom of God and therefore, is not dissolved by the death of one partner.