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The literature review evaluates the fuel consumption and GHG reduction potential of aerodynamic enhancement devices for tractor-trailer combinations and intercity busses.

The report serves to aid in identifying potential knowledge gaps about the performance of these devices in Canada.

The authors of one study concluded that some vehicle combinations can show an increase of 40% in friction drag with only a corresponding increase of 8% in pressure drag.

However, this is still 40% of a very small number, and 8% of a very large number but the fact remains that increasing vehicle length increases the relevance of frictional drag reduction strategies and has much less effect on pressure drag.

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As vehicle length increases, the percentage contribution to overall drag from friction drag rises slightly since there is so much more planar surface aligned with the wind, yet the blunt front face of the vehicle remains unchanged.

And if so, what configuration would be best suited to optimize drag reduction between the two trailers of an LCV.

In general, the authors attempted to explain each technology or product and present or calculate the expected potential reduction in drag coefficient for a typical highway vehicle.

Where applicable, any barriers to entry within the Canadian trucking community were explained to separate those technologies which could likely be used to those that would likely never gain widespread acceptance due to operational barriers For heavy vehicles such as tractor-trailer combinations and buses, pressure drag is the dominant component due to the large surfaces facing the main flow direction and due to the large wake resulting from the bluntness of the back end of such vehicles.

The recommendations included in the report by the NRC are for deliberative purposes only, and do not necessarily reflect Transport Canada’s position or views in the subject.

The full report, (PDF, 2.06 MB), is available as a PDF. This document contains confidential information that is proprietary to NRC’s Centre for Surface Transportation Technology.