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The channel, available through cable and satellite distributors in the United States, ... CMC Television is programmed like radio, but with pictures. Situation comedies, soaps, action, drama, news, sports, game and variety shows, indeed NBC, CBS, and ...

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The executive producer revealed, "After 12 legs of the race, so we really test the contestants mentally, physically and even emotionally.

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Leo and Jamal were the last duo to arrive at the pit stop in Tokyo and thus were the first team to be eliminated in the quest for victory So which team won season 23 of .

Step aside." Sam picked up his speed and gained ground on the timid Cheyne, as he adeptly scaled the building, shouting, "Look at my little legs going." A relieved Cheyne reached solid ground ahead of Sam and both teams raced to the Mirage in hopes of catching up to Brian & Ericka.

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE Pulling up to the Mirage Hotel in first place, married couple Brian & Ericka ripped open their clue instructing them to become a part of Cirque du Soleil's Love show.

Dating couple Meghan & Cheyne won a hotly contested battle against runners-up brothers Sam & Dan and third place married couple Brian & Ericka to claim the one million dollar prize and become the winners of THE AMAZING RACE.

REUNION IN PRAGUE Departing the Pit Stop in first place at am, dating couple Meghan & Cheyne discovered they had to fly almost 6,000 miles to the final destination city of Las Vegas, Nevada.