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Validating the role of the school counselor

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The essence of their efforts lied in decreasing the feeling of depravity and loss among the young children.

Their campaigns heeded positive results and the aspect of spreading awareness became critically valuable.

On the other hand, if the counselor does not realize the potential of the student and dictates him to a path that is contrary to the skill sets that he possesses, there is a major possibility that the student would land in a frustrated position sooner or later in life.

His propensity for learning the rights and wrongs of a specific profession might be reciprocal to his innate talents which can either cause irritation or a cry for help.

Therefore they try to influence the image of the counselors through advocacy, collaboration, leadership and systematic change.

The effectiveness of counseling programs can be judged from the fact that they ensure unbiased access to rigorous curriculum and opportunities so that the students have a college ready mindset at the time of their graduation.

In a formal system of education provision (school), the school social workers adjust themselves as people with a unique skill set and knowledge.Either way, the student would end up in a counselor’s office.The promotion of student achievement is the main goal of a student counseling program.The feedback is extremely critical for them to figure out whether the sessions are actually playing an influential role in the lives of the students or not.They observe the attendance and behavior patterns of the students in order to study their achievements.These services might include individual student planning, responsive services and the integration of the guidance courses within the setting of the school environment.