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I could see in a very busy repository, this might help.

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The standalone server can also be tunnelled over ssh.Subversion can use the HTTP-based Web DAV/Delta V protocol for network communications, and the Apache web server to provide repository-side network service.This gives Subversion an advantage over CVS in interoperability, and allows certain features (such as authentication, wire compression) to be provided in a way that is already familiar to administrators (SVN Wins, if you are willing to have a significantly less secure and compartmentalized source server)Subversion offers a standalone server option using a custom protocol, since not everyone wants to run an Apache HTTPD server.These properties are not versioned, since they attach metadata to the version-space itself, but they can be changed at any time.(SVN Wins, though it is vendor lock-in)CVS does not have this, but do we need it?This is a UI issue, In Eclipse, it is possible to commit many changes at once.