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Ben - I have since recovered from my earlier submissiveness and, in fact, assumed the opposite role to some extent.

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044 The beginning of Roman Dunstable (Durocobrivis).

Around this period, construction of the Roman road, now known as Watling Street, would have taken place.

1212 The priors receive King John's writ for the recovery of lands at Houghton.

Three representatives of the Pope arrive to preach a crusade. 1214 Stephen, Archbishop of Canterbury, visits Dunstable. 1215 King John spends the night at Dunstable on his journey north.

1154 King Stephen and Henry, the Duke of Normandy, hold a meeting at Dunstable.

The canons build an almonry (for the distribution of alms).An eclipse of the sun and moon is recorded by the canons.1209 King John sends a letter granting safe conduct to those collecting alms on behalf of the Hospital. The prior documents his vision of two Jews who said Anti Christ would be born 40 years later.The Priory is given half the parish of Pattishall in Northamptonshire. 1221 The Priory publishes The Customal, a set of rules stating how the market should operate.The roof on the Priory's presbytery falls in but is quickly repaired.1222 One of the two towers at the Priory is blown down in a great storm.