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Build 469 2014-11-20: - Changed: The embedded 4.65 patch replaced by a 4.66 patch (Littlebalup's build) - Added: OFW and Patched 4.66 ROS hashs - Added: one new c ISD1 Semistatic 2 entry (NAND) - Fixed: cell_ext_os_area check (NAND) Build 468 2014-10-14: - Changed: The embedded Darkiris's 4.65 patch replaced by a patch made from "Ferrox 4.65 DB" firmware Core OS (as the Darkiris's patch has some issues).

- Added: VTRM 0x FF filled area checks (variable size/starting offset depending of VTRM entries count) - Added: Bootldr & asecure_loader 0x00 / 0x FF filled area checks (variable size/starting offset depending on version) - Added: A "Force Patch" option allowing to apply patches even if the dump failed verification.

) Build 319 2014-02-17: - Added: Auto download the latest hashlist/cfg automatically on load - Changed: Now using Github as the update server instead...

(easier for me to maintain) - Updated: The embedded cfg/hashlist are updated as all other builds before (to the latest one today) - Removed: I've removed the TRVK_PRG# and TRVK_PKG# hashes from the list, they're quite useless anyways ;) Build 305 2013-08-20: - Added: Upon getting a smaller screen height of 600 pixels it'll now resize the window to fit...

The option can be enabled in the settings menu, "Restore ROS headers".

- Added: The embedded TRVK patches have been reinstated as an option.

- Fixed: cvtrm Header static check (NAND) Build 475 2015-01-11: - Added: New option to select a custom ROS patch instead of the default embedded one.

(a file in the root directory still working if exist) - Added: new c ISD1 semistatic 2 entry (NOR check) Build 473 2014-12-05: - Added: Some tooltips in the settings menu. May be useful for dumps coming from jailbroken consoles.

) - Added: Before downloading any file an attempt will be made to check if the current file is the same as the online one, if it is... Build 322 2014-02-17: - Fixed: The app can now properly download itself from github (my bad!Checkers are not always 100% accurate and its best to use this tool and similar checkers as a guide.View additional details about this update and tool in the descriptions provided below in our new tabs ...Build 487 2016-01-24: - Changed: The embedded 4.76 patch replaced by a 4.78 patch build from the FERROX 4.78 CEX custom firmware Core OS. - Added cisd2 no-wifi entry and one CECHB SKU ID data.Build 486 2015-09-11: - Updated Update to not delete itself (this was causing some antivirus software to call it a trojan/virus/malicious/suspicious software) Build 485 2015-09-06: - Changed: The embedded 4.75 patch replaced by a 4.76 patch build from the FERROX 4.76 CEX custom firmware Core OS. Build 484 2015-06-08: - Changed: The embedded 4.70 patch replaced by a 4.75 patch build from the FERROX 4.75 CEX custom firmware Core OS.Can be enabled/disabled in the settings menu, disabled by default.