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The Oracle UPDATE statement locates one or more rows (or all the rows) in a table and sets one or more columns to the specified values.As with the INSERT statement, the values must either match the columns data type or one that the database can implicitly convert.A message is typically a variable, the type for which is defined by the corresponding schema.You must link the schema you generated in the first step to the messages from the Orchestration View window of the Biz Talk project.A typical orchestration for performing basic table operations on Oracle database would contain: Make sure you specify the following properties for each of the message shapes.The names listed in the Shape column are the names of the message shapes as displayed in the just-mentioned orchestration.For more information, see Building and Running Orchestrations.

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For a walkthrough, see Walkthrough: Deploying a Basic Biz Talk Application.

For this topic, you must create two messages—one to send a request to the Oracle database and the other to receive a response.

Perform the following steps to create messages and link them to the schema.

The command returns the table to the state it was in before the Oracle updates.

To change the contract number for author A109 to 999, use the statement below.