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The new dating game theme song

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Online today

, I think, is probably my favorite, somewhat recent example of a show doing that.

They’re essentially summarizing the world, but they are using images from the episodes of the show that you’re about to see.

reboot today, and it is a minute and 12 seconds of joy.

Now don’t worry, the new theme is the same as the old theme — and that opening sequence is a wonderful tribute to the cartoon’s roots in Disney comic strips.

will have covered an entire 24 hours of programming on the channel.

And there’s different imagery of Selina, but different headlines and things trending downward, that sort of thing.

About three years ago, I did a piece looking at opening titles for the Washington, talking to some of the companies that make these. That’s not gonna happen because this is not the kind of show where that happens. Now I get it.” : There is a lot you can tell a lot about a show by what it chooses to show you and how it chooses to show it to you in the opening credits.

The show’s first two regular-length episodes will air on Sep.

23, released simultaneously on Disney XD, video on demand, and through the network’s app.