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Perhaps it is inevitable, but Ross Jeffries is simply not as important now as he was to this community at one time.All criticism from his peers aside, Ross Jeffries has always gone out of his way to express one belief that his tactics are designed to teach men how to make their relationships more pleasurable for both themselves AND for women.

Mackey), portrayed by none other than Tom Cruise, is overwhelmingly anti-female and pro-male (leading members in a chant urging them to "respect the c**k and tame the c**t" inserting inappropriate words for male and female genitals respectively) and Anderson himself has admitted in an interview that this character is based "mainly on Ross Jeffries".Like most women reading this, you want a real man; not a childish boy.Carter says a woman can attract the wrong man for many reasons, but a major reason is she doesn’t understand the principles of attraction.During a lawsuit Jeffries brought against one of his opponents in the early 90s, his opponent R. Is Jeffries paying lip service to women, trying to convince people that his tactics are good for all people? Ross Jeffries used the internet in its infancy -- as early as 1993 -- to spread his Speed Seduction gospel throughout the universe.He has produced cassette tapes, given seminars, released DVDs, and brought tons of press to the community, and at the time the ideas behind Speed-Seduction were a kind of Holy Grail for PUAs.The Seduction Community - Artists and Seduction Gurus A somewhat skeptical and critical look at what the "seduction community" is and what "seduction coaches" teach.